How to help your child pass the ACT Exam

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All of us want our children to get into college. Many of us even have the luxury of thinking about getting into the “best” college. Most of us would love to have some financial relief from the sky-high tuitions charged by most universities. If a community college seems to be the best choice, then, of course, merit money would be very helpful.
Even if your son or daughter is NOT a great student, there are several steps that you can take to possibly impact his or her academic future. We at #ACTonlineTutoring are dedicated to helping you and your child reach academic dreams.

First, when your child is a sophomore or junior, start to investigate small, lesser-known colleges that may be LOOKING for students with average GPA’s. There are thousands of small, little-known schools with amazing educational opportunities. All you have to do is LOOK. You may start with a simple google search of colleges near your zip code. You may look for lists put out by organizations such as US News and World Report. If you go to your local library, you will likely find books that detail academic options across the country. Many have different perspectives, like “Best Christian Faith Based Colleges,” or “Colleges for students with learning disabilities.” Many organizations, like “Unite LA,” #cashforcollege has wonderful events where students can come, with or without parents, to learn about community colleges and organizations, like #ACTonlineTutoring, dedicated to helping students get into college. Many organizations come to these community events and their representatives have lots of information about scholarship opportunities.

Second, have your child STUDY for the ACT. #ACTonlineTutoring is dedicated to helping students of all income levels and academic levels improve ACT scores. ACT scores are usually what colleges use to determine merit scholarships. Even a jump from a 20, a very low score, to a 24, a very mediocre score, can translate into $4000 per year in scholarship money. EVERY point counts. How? At, you will find our course, where a PRIVATE tutor has put all of her lessons online… The entire year only costs $119 and includes live streaming class every week as well as several practice tests. #ACTonlineTutoring has really turned the tide for thousands of students.

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