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The Importance of Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning

Not many homeowners give it a second thought about their air ducts and carpets. However, these two are vital in keeping your home’s air quality up to par. It is easy to forget about having them professionally cleaned. In fact, your carpets might not even look dirty. However, they probably are. 

Most of the time, after they are cleaned, many people believe they should have called the professionals sooner, like these Denver Duct Cleaners. Having your air ducts cleaned regularly can help improve your home’s air quality and reduce allergens. The same goes for the carpeting.  

Our carpets act as a huge air filter for our home. When the filter is plugged, the home will be more dusty than normal. This dust will go into the air and circulate inside the air ducts. Over time, this dust will collect on the side of the air ducts and become a problem. That’s why having both done at the same time makes sense.  

While many people feel that cleaning the surfaces in their houses is sufficient to maintain a clean environment, this is not the case. In reality, most people overlook the air ducts that carry air throughout their homes and carpeting. Your carpeting can look clean, and you can even vacuum it regularly, but over time, it will collect deep in the fibers, which your vacuum cannot reach. This is how the carpeting begins to fill with dirt and dust and clogs up its ability to filter the air as it should.  

Why are Clean Air Ducts Important?

Most people understand that cleaning your air ducts will greatly improve the air quality inside the home. This will help reduce allergens and improve your family’s overall health. However, another benefit is that it saves you energy and, in return, saves you money. When your ducts are clean, the air is free to move around more easily, which means that your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard. This, in return, means that your furnace will use less energy to work as it should. This is a benefit that many people don’t think about.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Carpet Cleaned?

Another great way to improve the air quality of your home is to ensure that you keep the carpets clean. This will also improve the airflow of your home and the overall look of your home as well. However, it is important that when you look at having your carpets cleaned, you have your air ducts cleaned at the same time. This will ensure that the carpeting will stay cleaner for longer.  

It is important to have your air ducts, and carpeting cleaned on a regular basis. How often will be determined by how much traffic your home has if there are children and pets in the home and if you have the windows and doors open often. If you think it is time to have these services done, reach out to a professional for a proper quote.

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